Thursday, 13 September 2007

Getting ready for university!

Hey everyone I am getting ready to go to University next week! I am soo nervous. First year Medicine! Does anyone else do Medicine and can you give me tips or guidance? Much appreciated!

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Hey again!

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying the blog so far! Ramadan Mubarak to you all! I want to know does anyone have any special traditions for Ramadan or any dishes that they eat only in Ramadan?

It is a special time for us all.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Poem for today!

Arabian nights
What do I dream of? I dream of an oasis as silver
and bright as the reflections of a thousand and one damascenes
on a sun's burning desert ray that moves, hazes, blinds
then silently fades away. I can see sunsets that of them
one could write a thousand and one amorets.
I can see the people in their coloured cloth,
can taste their bitter tea, but t'is not unfamiliar
For the desert they dwell is the desert in me.
So their sinister music has become my voice and their silks
and threads have become my flesh. And beside their blazing
fires, resting, searching the sky for rain or stars or a sign,
has yielded in me an impure fire. For the twigs of desire
lit mine.
My pen now runs on the tears that have been drained from this body and
this life. Tears that should have extinguished that fire but in reality
whet its appetite for
Me. A fire I both hate and love at the bitter crux of this bitter
Oh! The axe and the sledgehammer! Chop down this wood! Feed this fire! Let it not be barred!
Or else, shall I water it, drown it, kill it and leave myself choked with the ashes and charred?
This paper that I write on is dry like the sand the bare souls of these feet will never touch.
This lamp, in front of me, burns with the innocent heat of fires in desert midnights these
semitic palms will never clutch.
A wild reminiscence of those im-a-ginary lights.
These are my Arabian nights.

The structure of the poem at the start is significant as it is the traditional structure of Arabian poetry.
The syllables of "imaginary" are lengthened just as the notes are lengthened in Arabic music.

Tell me what you think of my quasi-Arabian poetry!

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